Our Training

Our corporate management team realizes that a major difference in our security program and that of our competitors is our commitment to training and excellence.

We are constantly updating our security training programs to keep up with the increasing demands of today's security and safety needs.  Our training programs include general subjects as well as specialized subjects that relate to a particular industry or type of facility.

Each officer will receive a minimum of 40 hours of training and the Basic Security Officer Training Course within the first 60 days of employment. All of our training is provided by DWB Security Services, Inc. training team.

DWB Security Personnel undergo the most rigorous and comprehensive pre-employment screening and selection process. Applicants are required to successfully complete a battery of examinations prior to gaining employment, including physical and medical screenings, drug testing, CPR/First aid certification, firearms qualifications, and local, state, and Federal background investigations.  Select security officers are also required to successfully complete mandated training programs and examinations each year.

In addition to this training, select officers also receive initial and annual refresher training in a variety of advanced law enforcement and security techniques. This includes training in biological warfare, tactical pistol qualifications, powers of arrest, self-defense, video surveillance, and many other related topics.

DWB Security Services, Inc.s provides only certified, licensed, and insured security officers to protect the interests of our clients. The company has a proven record of providing superior service on the local, state,
and federal levels.