Our Philosophy

DWB Security Services, Inc.'s management philosophy goes beyond settling for merely satisfying the contract. We ensure that we meet and exceed the needs of our clients we are prepared to make a major investment in management time and resources to your account.

At DWB we firmly believe that there are three essential factors that determine the quality of service provided by any supplier in the contract security industry. They are:

Employee Screening and Selection
Training and Supervision
Management Response

To be successful we believe a strong link between our management staff and our client is essential. Daily communication will help to establish continuity and efficiency and management. Our director of operations makes frequent visits to all client locations and sites. DWB Security Services, Inc.s  is committed to quality. The true evaluation of the security program can only be based on the retention of its clients. At DWB we are proud that we have served the majority of our clients for many years.

Our organization has the technology and ability to conduct monthly training and testing via PC, which is standard equipment at each site.

Advancements, to include raises, are based on performance as well as completion of required training modules.

Training records are available to clients upon request. We invite client input and participation in the invaluable and of all DWB employees at their location. We feel that the success of any security program is dependent upon the understanding and support of all employees. It is her believe that training for our clients staff members is extremely important. We are prepared to provide bi-monthly client staff training to all site employees in both security and safety.